Leon Saksida

Hi, I'm Leon.

Leon SaksidaLeon Saksida. My primary goal is to share part of my picturesque life with you. Join me in Mediterranean destinations and culinarics. I've been a frequent traveler to the countries I almost define as mine for  years. There are many fields I am interesting in such as nature, way of life, history and food. Curiosities, beauties, wonders, pleasures and people enrich my life. Among the arts I bet on the culinary one. I love marketplaces, best food tasteing and cooking. You can meet me in Mediterranea to explore its countries and to enjoy its flavours – you are most wellcome to become a part of my travel companionship.

O, yeah, I like to ride my bicycle - to some extent - to enjoy and to discover the world by this wonderful mean. There are plenty of very beautifull biking balads in my route list. A bicyle ride reveals the world in an extraordinary way. You can follow me through the most scenic panoramic roads and in the countryside. During the day we do some stops for picnic, wine tasting, for a beer, etc. And when the night falls we enjoy delicious dinner in local restaurant.

I enormously like to cook. It started in an unusaual way. While travelling around I was regular guest of best restaurants and visitor of food related buisnisses in Italy, France etc. Wondering dishes in front of me chalanged me so much, that I started to prapair them myself. Since then there is a long way. … By the time my palate has grown and matured, on the other – cooking - hand I synthesized Mediterranean experiences and technics as well as developed new ones. I still like to eat in restaurants but looking at my hands creating dishes excite me. Ultimately I'm engaged in Mediterranean Cooking Academy, where I fuse my Mediterranean culinary experiences and I share them with others. I love pasta, seafood, pizza and many other things  too, like modern desserts. Learn more.

Actualy I realize my travel ideas through Extraordinary Travel by Leon S. -. you can travel with me, ride a bicycle, take a gourmet tour, team building or trek. My foodie ideas are realized through Academy of Mediterranean Food – you can join cooking school, invite our dream team to cook for you and your friends.

I'm looking forward to meet you!Sincerecly

Leon Saksida

Travel designer - Tour Guide - Cook